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Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Penneshaw is a delightful village that dates back nearly 200 years and resembles a Cornish fishing settlement. Christmas Cove in Penneshaw is known as "the old town" as it was the centrepiece of the township around the early 1900s with little churches matched by a liquor tavern next door, the post office, the grain store and the little boats which went out from Christmas Cove to transfer produce to the mainland. It is quite a unique area and the neighbouring Penneshaw Museum houses memorabilia of the times.

In 1802 Captain Matthew Flinders named this untamed wilderness Kangaroo Island due to the prevalence of the beasts. He took 31 on board to feed his crew. Kangaroo Island contains many French names that remind us of Captain Nicolas Baudin's visit in the same period. Frenchman's Rock at Penneshaw was inscribed by one of Baudin's crew.

Kangaroo Island had a rich whaling industry with US crews and there is an exciting history of the plundering which took place. The first non-Aboriginal people to live on Kangaroo Island were sealers, escaped convicts and runaway sailors who sought refuge here in the early 1800s. They lived a self-sufficient life that was not to everyone's taste. Living on kangaroo and other wildlife, they traded salt plus seal, kangaroo and wallaby skins for spirits and tobacco. Aboriginal women were transported from Tasmania and the mainland to help with the work and to be companions for the whalers.

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